Monday, April 18, 2011

What I'm Drawing Now Day 5 - Portrait of Melanie

This is where I'm at, after about 25 hours of work. The portrait is a large one for coloured pencil - about 64cm X 52cm - so it takes quite a while to fill in washes.
The colours are a bit warmer than shown here. This photo was taken in fading light, this afternoon, but it's clear, even from this, that more work needs to be done on the hair. The hair looked dark in the reference photo and was lacking enough contrast because of poor lighting. This has meant that I've had to compensate with artistic licence. I think it still needs to be lightened somewhat to reflect the golden tones of the subject's hair.


  1. I went back to look at the photo you're working from. Your portrait looks so much like it. I agree that there aren't many tones in the hair. If your photo was taken in fading light I'd love to see one in full light. The picture is so beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Immy. The picture is quite different from the photo in little details, such as one eye being less open and the contours of the face being unfinished. It gives her an older, more confident look - but, knowing her as I do, I see that the likeness is there so I may do a sitting from life to finish it off. Photos need to be used carefully as they often distort the image and alter colours.
    Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement. x


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