Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I'm Drawing Now 4th Day - Portrait of Melanie

21 layers have been applied to make the skin tones and the features are almost complete - further fine-tuning will come later when it is easier to see the picture as a whole. Any problems of symmetry or shadowing will be corrected then. Now, I will begin to work on the hair, before moving on to the body.

The skin consisted of a variety of different hues, including pinks, reds, orange, yellow, browns, peaches, lilacs and indigo. 16 colours were used, with yellow ochre, peach, pink and pale vermillion being repeated several times. Once the rest of the picture is complete, the main shadows will be intensified and more highlighted will be lifted out to create more depth.


  1. Wow! You have to put 21 layers on the skin? That must take a while.

  2. Yeah - but it's therapeutic! Are you going to post your work, Immy? I'd love to see it. x


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