Sunday, May 15, 2011

Portrait of Joel Day 11 - Depicting Personality

Sloooooooow progress! But, that's okay - no deadline for this project. Except that I'm itching to do some illustrating after this. I usually try to be quite disciplined about finishing one project before starting another as I like to have finished pictures to show for all the hard work, so, while I have plenty of ideas swimming around for the next project, I am still intent on plodding along with this one.

I love little details, like this juice carton, which will create a bit of interest and 'wow factor' if rendered realistically. At the moment, it looks a little artificial but, once it is anchored to its background, it will look a lot more realistic.

Now, for the personal appraisal - Joel was a bit worried, in this photo. He knew he was supposed to be posing and he was trying to take it all very seriously. But, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted some magpies swooping down on our picnic (horrible birds - they can be quite frightening). Meanwhile, I was shooting away with the camera and trying to allay his fears. Does his face show his apprehension as well as his sense of duty? I hope so. As far as the rest of his personality goes - his cheekiness, his energy and his affectionate nature - I think they have all been suppressed by his increasing uneasiness with his surroundings!


  1. I think Joel looks so good. He looks a bit solemn as if he knows how important this is to you. Your juice carton is so realistic I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't a photo!

  2. Thanks, Immy - yes, he was solemn. I think it reflects the serious side of his personality and the position of his body should reflect his restless energy - his legs are ready for action!
    Thank you for the feedback, Immy. x

  3. I love hearing the story that goes with your drawing, Vicky. Great post!

  4. Thanks, Sue. Somehow, I missed seeing this comment but better late than never!:)


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