Saturday, May 28, 2011

Portrait of Joel Day 21 - Improving Depth

I'm still building up depth and colour by modelling layers of varying pressure, using a variety of strokes. I have returned to the face, to deepen the colours as the dark jumper had the effect of washing out the face, making it look faded and flat.

Now, I am working on the legs. I have applied applied 4 flat layers of cream, pale pink, peach and yellow ochre, followed by an orange layer with which I have begun to model the contours of the limbs. On Joel's right leg, I have applied a first layer of blood orange, with varied pressure and curved strokes which followed the shape of the leg. In the following picture, you can see the difference that this modelling has made to the appearance of depth. There are many more layers to be applied before a realistic effect is achieved.
Throughout the process, I return periodically to previous sections of work to improve and develop them. It becomes easier to assess the progress of the work and plan future action when I can view each section in context with its surrounding parts. It, also, helps to come back to a section and view it with fresh eyes, after a few days working in another area.


  1. At the moment his limbs really stand out from the aper don't they? The apple juice carton doesn't stand out half so much now that you've done the jumper. I think it's looking really good.

  2. "It, also, helps to come back to a section and view it with fresh eyes," That applies not only to drawing, but writing as well!

    The drawing is looking good!

  3. Thanks, Immy and Sue, for your feedback.
    Do you post before or after you look at your writing with fresh eyes, Sue? Writing may be more honest and spontaneous at first go, perhaps? I guess the same applies to art, to some extent - finding the balance between spontaneity and effective completion is part of the battle.


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