Saturday, July 9, 2011

Newborn Portrait - Fixing up and Battling on

It doesn't look as though much work has been done, in the past few days, but there has been a lot of correcting going on. Twice, the layers of pigment have been removed, using blu tak. This was because the skin texture didn't have the fine quality that I was aiming for. 

Another issue has been the colour of the skin. The photo is very red and the shadowed areas don't show a pleasant hue in the photograph so I am having to modify the colours, using experimentation as I go along. This is where good photographic reference materials and experience come in handy. In this case, I particularly liked the photo and there was no possibility of recapturing the moment, as the baby is now 19 months old. I haven't got to the stage of giving up on this portrait, yet, but I must admit that it is giving me more challenges than I anticipated.

Can you see the differences between this picture and the previous one? What do you think?


  1. The skin tone looks darker and a little more red than before, but that might just be the fact that your photo is darker. You're not thinking of giving up on it are you?

  2. Yes, I think it might be the photo, Immy. I took in the fading light of the afternoon. I've taken another photo, this morning, and replaced the darker one. What do you think?

    I don't think I'll give up, now, as I think it will look more realistic, once the back of the head is done and the background is finished. It has, also, been a big learning experience as far as materials are concerned. I'll explain what I discovered, in my next post.


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