Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Newborn Portrait - Can you see a difference here?

Now, I've deepened the contrast between the shadowed areas and the highlights of the arm and the question is - can you tell the difference? Is it more lifelike to you or is perfectionism taking a hold of this poor artist?

Tell me what you think:)

(The cuticles and knuckles look dark on the computer screen but they are a bit more subtle in the actual picture.)


  1. I can definitely see the highlights and shadows. I was wondering about the cuticles and knuckles, but you've set my mind at rest about that. I don't think that perfectionism is taking a hold of you at all. You picture is lovely!

  2. I read an article from another coloured pencil artist, last night, who has the same problem with some of the darks being accentuated in photos. You'll have to come and see it in person, Immy!

    Thank you for commenting, Immy - it's good to get a different perspective on how things are going:)


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