Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Newborn Portrait - More and more and even more layers!

 Finally, I feel that I'm on the home run with this portrait. There's still work to do but, at least I'm building up depth, now. This is the fun stage - increasing the depth further and applying the myriad of colours which are present in skin tones. The end is in sight with the face and the hair should be relatively quick, in comparison. Then, the clothes and final arm to render. I tend to have a running list, in my mind, which helps me to keep pace and find direction in my work. 

So, more reds, some deep browns, for contrast, and some pink/purples for delicacy - maybe, even, some yellows for more glow - then, the end will be in sight! It's been a long haul with this picture, much longer than usual, so I'm looking forward to finishing this project.


  1. Your picture is going really good mum.
    Melanie xo xo

  2. Thank you, Melanie! It's always lovely to get nice comments:) xoxo

  3. The picture looks lovely. I can't even tell where the grease marks were. (I did mean to comment on that post, but never had the time.)

    Is the skin the hardest part of the picture? Or is it just the most time consuming?

  4. Thank you so much for kind comment, Immy. I think I was really lucky with the grease marks. They're hidden under the shadows of the shoulder.

    The skin is the most time consuming because it needs a lot of delicate layers to get a smooth and flawless finish. Sometimes, I find it challenging to get enough depth without spoiling the delicate finish.

    Other textures can be just as difficult, even more so if they present a new challenge to me. Sometimes, I'm not sure how I'll tackle an object until I get to that part of the picture and I experiment, as I go. If It's something I've done before then it's usually quite straightforward.

    I appreciate your thought-provoking feedback, Immy:)

  5. Will you be exhibiting this portrait, Vicky? Is your mind buzzing with ideas for your next portrait? I am sure the drawing looks spectacular in real life. It looks great here on your blog.

  6. I'm hoping to exhibit this portrait in the art gallery that contacted me. I think that it looks different on the computer - it looks very red on my iPad, but better on my laptop. Yes, I do have ideas for my next portrait. Something a bit different, but very cute. I still have your picture in mind, too!

    Thank you for commenting, Sue -I appreciate it.


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