Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Newborn portrait - Remedying a Disaster!

After weeks of work, a bit of carelessness resulted in near disaster, today. Usually, I am very careful to keep the picture clean but, sometimes, I get complacent as these types of issues have been so rare for me. Today, however, I managed to get greasy prints on the shoulder of the adult and they looked terrible! Large and ugly, I wasn't sure how I was going to mask them.

Immediately, I stopped work on the face and set to fixing up the problem that I had made for myself. With a little changing of my original plan, I was cautiously optimistic that I could camouflage my careless handling of the project. The photo shows a white sleeve, with grey and lavender shadows. I have had to wing it to get a realistic effect, as I wasn't able to copy my reference photo as closely as I had originally intended.

So, what do you think? Are the flaws in the shoulder noticeable or have I got away with it, this time?


  1. How frustrating for you, Vicky! I can't really tell much about the grease from the photo. How do you feel about the remedy? Can you notice the marks? Perhaps you need to show someone the picture without mentioning the grease and ask them if they can see any imperfections.

    Just wondering if this portrait is taking longer because it is more detailed than previous ones, or have you been busy with other things?

    I hope the next stage goes more smoothly!

  2. I'm quite happy with the remedy, at this stage, but I do need to see it in better light, before I can be sure.

    This portrait is taking longer than normal, partly because I had some challenges, which meant that I spent a lot of time experimenting and partly because I have had smaller blocks of time to work on it. Now, that I have a larger range of pencils and some better techniques, it is starting to speed up a bit.

    Thank you for commenting, Sue:)


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