Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goldilocks Meets her Doom

Art is a serious business. When I am drawing a portrait, I tend to concentrate hard and enter into a peaceful sort of utopia. It's deeply satisfying and enriching, but it's not funny.

Cartoons, on the other hand, can be very funny and, often, offer some very welcome light relief, in the midst of a long and methodical drawing project. Though, the ideas can take time to formulate, compared to a portrait, they are usually quick to compose and, often, provide an intellectual challenge, which can be the means of a different type of self-expression.

I was a little hesitant about publishing the above cartoon, on my website, as it isn't quite politically correct. My cartoons are, however, representative of the type of humour which characterizes my personality and my love of comedy.

Drawing cartoons, such as this, allows me to use much bolder, more spontaneous and, also, more expressive strokes than is possible with my coloured pencil technique. It frees and refreshes my creative abilities and allows my brain to think on a different level. The complete contrast in momentum between the two techniques is enough to create stimluation and avoid stagnation, during a long and earnestly industrious portrait project.


  1. "Eat her up Doggy! Goldi is a bad girl!" Lol. I love this!!!!

  2. Lol! The gun will get her before the wolf does!

  3. It looks like baby bear is asking his father, "Should we warn her or not?"

  4. Hi Autumn, I'm glad you enjoyed this!

    I agree with you - Goldi's just a bit wicked!

    Thank you for your comment, Autumn:)

  5. Mary, I think Mama Bear is already choosing the words for her next confession!
    Thank you for commenting, Mary:)

  6. What's not politically correct here? Goldie is a thief. You should have put bear traps on the path too!

  7. I didn't think of bear traps, Victor! Where do you live, again? Is it England or the mountains of Siberia?


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