Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Religious Sister - Laying Down the Colours

Working on a smaller scale than I'm used to means that this portrait is proceeding a lot quicker than my recent projects. I have only spent an hour or so laying down the coloured pigments, yet I am making progress, already.

This picture is 420mm x 297mm in size. It is, naturally, much quicker to apply colour to a small area than a large one. However, there are different challenges associated with a portrait of these dimensions. Accuracy and a fine touch are so important when the working area is as small as this, and it is necessary to suggest the tiniest, hard-to-see details with impressions that the viewer will recognise as both realistic and characteristic of the subject.

I am enjoying the change of pace with this work. Large pictures can seem long and, even, laborious during particular stages, whereas this small portrait feels very manageable and pleasant to work on.

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