Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Religious Sister - A Preliminary Sketch

Here's a first sketch of the nun I am working on. The quality of the photo is proving to be quite challenging and I will have to adjust my style to compensate. This portrait won't have the detail of my usual work. Instead, I will have to study the basic form of the shadows and identify the impressions which give the face its likeness. I think it would be a mistake to try to invent detail which isn't there but, at the same time, I need to improve on what is lacking in the photo.

As usual, the picture will take on a life of its own. I will plan only so far, before I begin, and then I will allow the portrait to develop, experimenting with what appears to work and making decisions as I go. A lot of faith and trust is needed, at this point, considering the quality of my reference materials and the divergence from my normal drawing style.


  1. Wow, looks like this is going to be a difficult project.

  2. I do like a challenge!!! Fingers crossed that I get a likeness. Thank you for your comment, Immy:)


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