Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Style of One's Own

At certain stages of my learning, I have been tempted by the challenge of photo-realism. It would seem that my pride and vanity would be justly rewarded by the ability to produce a 'wow' factor in the minutely accurate imitation of observable reality. However, while I gain great satisfaction in producing representations of the real beauty I see around me, I find little satisfaction in spending countless hours reproducing an image which a camera could snap in a second. For me, art is more than a visual record of a material reality. It is, in addition to this, the interpretation of a subject, the revealing of a character, the defining of beauty and so much more besides.

It is, also, for me, the ultimate form of self-expression. I'm not implying that artists who specialise in photo-realism are lacking in these qualities or are, in any sense, artistically inferior. Or, even, that photographers are not creative or artistic, in their own right. Rather, I am saying that my own creative impulses have found their fulfilment in the development of a style which is fundamentally expressionist and, at times, impressionist, but never solely realistic, in its purpose.

Developing a style which is unique and personal can take time and, in my opinion, should not be forced or consciously directed. Creative freedom usually results in works of sincerity and individuality, if one has the courage to trust in the source of creativity and the integrity to develop an effective technique and personal artistic philosophy.

My own portfolio contains a number of works of differing styles. Some of these have been experimental - adventures in technique which have acted as learning curves for subsequent progression. Others are examples of styles which have provided a lasting means of self-expression and creative fulfilment. The picture above is one such example. It is a simple impression of a character which has been executed quite rapidly compared to my usual, more realistic style of portraiture. I enjoy creating impressions of real images, producing an effect which comes to life as one steps back further from the image and expressing my delight in colour, light, form and character - and the materials themselves - with boldness, fluidity, delicacy, drama, subtlety and any number of other emotions which can be realised by the simple action of pencil on paper.

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