Sunday, November 20, 2011

Concept Art

This is a picture by Carrie, which she drew on her iPad.

Unlike Megan and myself, Carrie has used colour from the start, and she has drawn from her imagination. This has allowed her to use bold, confident strokes and to develop her own style, without being unduly inhibited by imaginary or perceived standards.

Interestingly, though, Carrie is now turning to realism and is experimenting with graphite pencils. I encourage her in that, as basic drawing skills are very useful, regardless of style. Having developed her technique in reverse order to my own, won't disadvantage her learning, as I can see that, even in her experiments with realism, Carrie retains her individual style, which is almost ethereal, at times.

It is interesting to compare and contrast Carrie's style to her personality. Like the characters she portrays, Carrie is a strong and independent girl, but I have to say she doesn't possess the attitude that some of her pictures might imply.

Here is some of her recent work.

This is a concept picture, drawn as an assignment for Carrie's course in film production.

This picture shows Carrie's interest in animation. Carrie loves Disney and Pixar movies, and hopes to work as an animator, one day.


  1. I recognise that last picture! Those are two of the characters from my lastest story, based off a drawing I drew myself. I have to say, Carrie's drawing looks better than mine does.

  2. I'm in the dark here, Immy, but I appreciate your comment, anyway!:)

  3. Sorry, I mustn't have made myself very clear in my last comment. The very last picture in the post, the one of the two girls, is a drawing of Jo and Emma, two of my characters from my story 'The DARE Squad'. Carrie based it off a picture I drew of them

  4. Must be something in the food over there :)

  5. Ah, you two have been collaborating - all is clear, Immy!

  6. You're too kind, Mary! Carrie will be really pleased with the encouragement - she's trying to learn more about technique, at the moment.

    Thank you, Mary:)


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