Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Portrait of Bethany

This a portrait of my daughter, Bethany.

I've really enjoyed doing this picture. The Polychromos are beautiful to use. Unlike the Prismacolors, I can add multiple layers without the picture suddenly becoming clogged with wax. At times, the pencils almost felt like paint.

I am still experimenting but I feel much more comfortable with my art again, now.

Here are some of the stages for this portrait.
The initial outline in dark flesh.
The first of the skin layers.

Does it look a bit eighteenth-century with the white hair?
The general flow of the hair in a mid-tone.
With the hair taking shape, I could see problems with the features and the colour of the flesh. More contrasting and subduing layers needed.
At this stage, I realised I'd been taking some of the photos at a strange angle - oops!
Somehow, the picture ended on a slant - another oops!

Next, I have the urge to do some soft graphite and two-tone portraits. I'll share how it goes.



  1. Vicky,

    Bethany is a such a beautiful young lady! You have captured her perfectly.What does she think of your drawing?

    I love seeing all the different stages. I am so glad you are enjoying your art again. You are having fun and we get to share the results!

    I wonder what you do with your portraits. Do you frame them? Are they all hanging on your walls?

    One more question: Who are you going to draw next? I can't wait to find out.

  2. Hi Sue, Bethany says she likes it but she'd like it more if I framed it! I have two framed pictures on the wall but the others are tucked away in boxes or my portfolio. It would be nice to have a recent one of each of the children on the wall. I'm about halfway through.

    I've got a couple of ideas for next time - it will probably be Megan or Carrie but I haven't quite decided, yet.

    Thank you for your encouraging comment! :-)

  3. Again: amazing! A beautiful work of art, and a beautiful subject. Your artwork is so alive. I expect her to, at any moment, look over at me and say "hi!" :)

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I like realism in art but I think I like the glowing look of pencils too much to do photo-realism. I'm so glad that it looked alive to you.

      Bethany is a real chatterbox. She wouldn't just stop to say 'hi' - she'd be nattering for hours!



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